Guitar Strings – The Love & Hate

When is the last time you changed your guitar strings?
When is the last time you cared about how your guitar sounds?

Guitar strings: looking down the neck.

I’m guessing the answer to the second question is more recent than the answer to the first question, but how far apart are these dates? A week, a month, a year? I hope you didn’t say “a year”. The strings on your guitar are what give your guitar the tone it makes. They are also, pretty much, the cheapest thing on your guitar. It doesn’t take much money to grab a new set of strings for your acoustic or your electric. If you got a few more bucks, you could even have someone set it up for you to make sure that it is performing at it’s finest.

We’ll go over some good tools and cleaners to use for string changes next time.

Remember: Any time that you change the gauge of strings you use, the guitar will most likely need to be set up. Read below for some common string gauges

String Gauges (suggested)
Strat Type (includes Ibanez, Jackson, etc.) – 9-42 or 9-46
Les Paul / SG / PRS / Hollowbody (not jazz) – 10-46 or 10-52
Jazz – 12-52 (most likely flatwound)
Acoustic – 13-56 for Dreadnought, and 12-52 for Auditorium

Got a gauge you like that you want to share? Or maybe just a question about guitar strings? Leave a comment.


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