Buffered Pedals, True Bypass and Really Long Cables

Great demo by Pete Thorn and Thomas Nordegg on how long cables effect your tone and how buffered pedals can “correct” the signal loss and how true bypass pedals really don’t get in the way. Check it out.


Gigmasterz Student Bands Perform on Saturday

The Gigmasterz Student Bands concert is back! Stop by this Sunday at Route 66 to check them out.

David Lemasters, band instructor, said “They’re having a blast and performing really well.” “I can’t wait!” said Dennis, the owner of Keyboard Galleria Music Center.

What: Gigmasterz Student Bands (ages 10-40+)
Where: Route 66 Classic Grill (8730 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita)
When: 1:00 PM on Saturday 11/4/12
Cost: FREE


Info: http://www.keyboardgalleria.com/gigmasterzinfo
Sign-Up for Gigmasterz: http://www.keyboardgalleria.com/gigmasterz
Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/375986252479464/

Trick or…. Deal?

Wear your costume in the store any day this week (10/27-11/1) and get 10% off of any one item when you say “Trick or Treat.”

Some exclusions apply.

Anniversary Sale – 1 Week Left

Have you stopped by and took advantage of some extreme savings? Have you seen the new gear from Fender, Orange, LTD, MXR, Yamaha and Hammond?

You have just one week left to rake in the savings of our Anniversary Sale.

Looking for something? Drop us a line by clicking here.

Boxes of Oranges

Things got a little bit more colorful around Keyboard Galleria with the addition of Orange Amplifiers.

When Orange amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets first appeared in late 1968, their striking colour and the picture-frame design of the amp sleeves and speaker cabinets marked a revolution in amplifier styling. Today, they are on every stage around the world.

Check out this list:

Jim Root of Slipknot & Stonesour

Jimmy Page
My Chemical Romance
All That Remains
The Ataris
Fang Island
At The Drive-In
Every Time I Die

Check them out.

“A Story Beneath” Hits The Road.. With a Little Help From Their Friends

Recently, KGMC had the pleasure of working with the Santa Clarita band,A Story Beneath. They got 6th place in a nationwide contest sponsored by Rockstar and Ernie Ball. And, thanks to that, they got asked to play in Phoenix, AZ, at the Rockstar Uproar Music Festival.

“We started the Ernie ball battle of the bands shortly after we lost a Kroq contest to play lobster fest,” said Phil Goff (singer/vocalist). “It began somewhere around June and went on the whole Summer. We spent up to almost twelve hours a day promoting the battle online through our social media sites, and we were all shocked when we found out we had won the contest.”

With help from Ben Cole at D’addario (Planet Waves, Evans, Pro-Mark) and our store manager Jason McKay, the band is hitting the road prepped like pros. No musician wants to hit a big gig with uncertainty. Confidence is a must and it begins with the right gear.

“We had eleven days to prepare for the show and we didn’t have anything we needed,” explained Goff. “By the tenth day we pulled together and got all of our merchandise and even a few sponsors. KGMC took ‘helping us out’ to another level.”

Ben got this band an excellent package of the essentials: Evans snare and kick drum heads, Pro-Mark sticks, D’Addario strings for guitar and bass, and a Planet Waves tuner and string cleaner.

Phil Goff’s (guitar and vocals) guitar was definitely in need of some TLC. Jason cleaned it and set it up fully by filling in the nut slots, adjusting the bridge and neck, intonating, and adjusting the pickup height. “Phil uses some really big strings, a custom 13-60 set that starts with the D’Addario EJ22, but the low E is replaced with a 60, and it didn’t look like the guitar had ever been set up for those gauges,” said Jason when going over the job. “The nut slots were too deep and a few of the strings were rattling unfretted. The neck had too much relief and the intonation hadn’t been set either.”

Phil checking out his guitar.

“My guitar sounded like she was factory fresh. I’d recommend KGMC and Jason highly, they really seem to care about their fellow rockers,” commented Phil.
Todd Libby, too, was in need of some new strings for his bass. He tends to like a brighter sounding string for their sound so Ben set him up with some D’Addario Pro Steel 45-130 for his five string, but just in case that was too bright, he included some of the regular EXL170-5.

Next was the drummer, Markus Flick. He was needing some sticks and heads. Ben set him up with a pack of Pro-Mark 747B Super Rock sticks, a couple of different snare heads (14″ Power Center Reverse DOT Coated & 14″ Genera HD Dry Coated) and a couple of different bass drum heads too (22″ EMAD2 Batter Clear & 22″ EQ3 Resonant Black).

With the help of Ben Cole, KGMC really showed how much they care about local musicians. Great deals on gear and excellent repairs are what you receive at Keyboard Galleria Music Center.

Please check out A Story Beneath‘s music and stay tuned for the follow up article on how they did in Arizona.

Click here to download a free track and to listen to more.