Strings For Food 2013 – Sponsored by D’Addario

Keyboard Galleria Music Center and D’Addario have teamed up to help out the SCV Food Pantry by sponsoring this year’s Strings For Food event.

Bring in a 6 string guitar, and 5 cans of food, and we’ll put new strings on that guitar. AND we’ll do up to 3 guitars for you (15 cans). No locking tremolos please. 🙂


And if you don’t play guitar, or don’t need strings, bring in cans of food and we’ll give you a percentage off for every can you bring in, up to 15 cans. Some exclusions apply, but let’s have some fun with this.

Of course you don’t have to get anything restrung or buy anything. If you would just like to bring in some cans of food to help out the cause, that’d be awesome.

Let’s do our best to get a bunch of canned goods to the SCV Food Pantry for Thanksgiving.

When: 11/16, 10-3 pm
Where: Keyboard Galleria Music
Cost: FREE! (5 cans of food)