NEW: Rock-Tips Liquid Callus

Ever get sore fingers from playing too much? Or, are you not playing enough to get some good calluses built up?

Rock-Tips helps build calluses in addition to protecting sore and damaged fingertipsRock-Tips

Well, the solution is here.

Try out Rock-Tips Liquid Callus.

Rock-Tips is a specially formulated, non-toxic application for use in protecting sensitive fingertips while playing a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument. When applied to your fingertips, Rock-Tips creates a thin, protective membrane that is extremely tough, allowing you to play longer and build your natural guitar calluses up faster.

In the past, many musicians have relied on strong glues and liquid bandages to help relieve fingertip pain, all with less than perfect results. Household glue is very brittle and unforgiving, while liquid bandages gum up instrument strings and wear off quickly.

Rock-Tips Liquid Callus Formula is based around a medical adhesive, which is designed specifically for use on human skin. With additional polymers added for flexibility and strength, our proprietary formula acts and feels like a hardened layer of skin – with all the flexibility and toughness of a real callus. Rock-Tips will stay on even during the most grueling sessions, and scrubs off with soap and water.

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