Surviving the World Of Guitar Pedals

With all of the different pedals, and the different things to think about when acquiring and assembling your rig of pedals, there can be some confusion every step of the way.

“So what kind of cables should I use? Does the reverb go before or after the flanger, and is that before or after the compressor?”

Thankfully the good staff of Premier Guitar put together an extensive Survival Guide on all things regarding pedals.

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What You Missed… Mooer Audio Micro Guitar Effect Pedals

Last week we took a chance on a new pedal line. We decided to order in a few pedals from Mooer Audio USA. Our rep assured me that we’d dig this and so would our customers.


We got four different models: Green Mile, Hustle Drive, Pure Boost, and Cruncher. You probably didn’t know about this because we sold them all in less than a week. They sounded that good. We just ordered six more pedals this morning and they should be here in a day or so.

A04O_1_2012121997769370 I anticipate these won’t last long. Get in as soon as you can and try these out. If there is one that you’d like to get, just drop us a line.

Here are some general specs for all of the pedals:

  • All metal solid housing
  • No 9V, only DC
  • Very small, about half the size of an MXR pedal
  • Most are modeled after very iconic pedals
  • A lot have a “mod” type option
  • Selling price of either $88 or $99!

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Mooer Audio Site –