You Don’t Have to Be Rich To Make A Record

We say it all the time at KGMC, you don’t have to put a ton of money into gear to get some ideas recorded. Money helps, but if you’ve got a bad song, or you’re doing it wrong, it doesn’t matter.

If you need some help picking out some essential pieces of gear to get it going, talk to us. We all write and record to differing degrees, on different computers, with different software, different instruments, different music, etc. You get the point.

The guy in the video is doing a recording challenge with a $300 budget, and his recording sounds great. Of course he knows what he is doing and he has a great song, but the gear isn’t getting in the way.

In this video he works on vocals and some auxiliary sounds. He’s using an old laptop, Garage Band, $30 headphones, a $79 microphone, a homemade egg shaker, a free Garage Band soft synth, and a tambourine. How do you think this sounds?

The key is to write good music and learn how to use the tools you have or can afford to purchase. Don’t let the pursuit of gear get in the way of you making and recording music. There’s no excuse.

Write. Record. Repeat.


Photos from last Gigmasterz Concert at Route 66 Classic Grill

I know these photos are a little late… SORRY! If you have some photos or videos from this show, please share them with us.

NAMM Show 2014? Yeah we went….

Want to see some cool things that we saw? Check it out!

Strings For Food 2013 – Sponsored by D’Addario

Keyboard Galleria Music Center and D’Addario have teamed up to help out the SCV Food Pantry by sponsoring this year’s Strings For Food event.

Bring in a 6 string guitar, and 5 cans of food, and we’ll put new strings on that guitar. AND we’ll do up to 3 guitars for you (15 cans). No locking tremolos please. 🙂


And if you don’t play guitar, or don’t need strings, bring in cans of food and we’ll give you a percentage off for every can you bring in, up to 15 cans. Some exclusions apply, but let’s have some fun with this.

Of course you don’t have to get anything restrung or buy anything. If you would just like to bring in some cans of food to help out the cause, that’d be awesome.

Let’s do our best to get a bunch of canned goods to the SCV Food Pantry for Thanksgiving.

When: 11/16, 10-3 pm
Where: Keyboard Galleria Music
Cost: FREE! (5 cans of food)

CAD Sessions Headphones MH510 Rebate 8/2-10

Here is a $10 rebate for our Sessions MH510 headphones!
This offer begins today and runs through August 10th, 2013.
Get Some!!!

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Rebate Form

Enter to WIN the Ultimate Eric CLapton Fan Prize Package


Your buddies at Fender have done it again.

Check this out…

“In honor of Eric Clapton’s 21st studio album, Old Sock, we’re giving away the ultimate Clapton fan prize package.

One fortunate grand-prize winner will take home an Eric Clapton Stratocaster in Pewter, an EC Tremolux amp and his latest album. Ten second-place winners will also receive a copy of Old Sock.” – Fender

What are you waiting for? Head on over and register to win!

Not All Guitar Strings Are Created Equally

Everyone has the preference in string, because we all have a preferred feel and tone in our fingers and heads.

Here is one of our favorites, EXP by D’Addario.

D’Addario’s breakthrough EXP Coated Technology produces strings with the natural tone & feel of uncoated strings, with at least 4 times more life. EXP’s allow a guitar’s voice to ring true.

With the creation of our new EXP Wire manufacturing facility we have invested in wire coating machinery which allows us to fully control and develop advancements in coating technology for wound strings that is second-to-none in the guitar string industry.

The EXP Wire machine draws wire from rod, anneals, cleans, coats, cures and spools wire in one continuous process. This ensures our tight tolerances and specifications are adhered to.

We test every spool of wire with a sophisticated digital micrometer which measures the concentricity of the coating thickness to 2/10,000 of an inch. We have successfully reduced the coating thickness by at least 50%, which allows the string to retain even more of its inherent brightness and natural uncoated tone, while maintaining EXP’s renowned durability and long-life characteristics. You won’t believe they are coated!

Source: D’Addario