Photos from last Gigmasterz Concert at Route 66 Classic Grill

I know these photos are a little late… SORRY! If you have some photos or videos from this show, please share them with us.


Jazz Guitar Workshop with Bruce Forman

Bruce Forman - Jazz Guitarist

Bruce Forman – Jazz Guitarist

The City of Santa Clarita City Council and Arts Commission is proud to present the New Heights Artist Development Workshop featuring Bruce Forman.

What: Jazz Guitar Workshop
Who: Bruce Forman
When: January 8th, 7:30 PM
Cost: FREE

A busy touring schedule; seventeen recordings as a leader; countless sideman recording dates–including a featured role on one of jazz great Ray Brown’s last albums; soundtrack performances on three of Clint Eastwood’s distinguished films–the Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby, Oscar-nominated Flags of Our Fathers and Hereafter ; producer, arranger, and acclaimed educator; over twenty appearances at the landmark Monterey Jazz Festival; in residence at USC ’s Studio / Jazz Guitar Dept.—when does Bruce Forman rest?

Forman is a seasoned jazz player with top-level skills as a leader, entertainer and sideman. He creates soulful, lyrical melodies, inventive harmonies, and solid accompaniment. Though he can shred bebop at blistering tempos with the best of ‘em, he is no urban snob. Cow Bop, Forman’s unique “western bebop” band, hit four separate charts with its CDs, Swingin’ Out West, Route 66, Too Hick for the Room and Cowlifornia Swing.

A new composition, The Red Guitar, has received wide acclaim. It may be the only jazz libretto where the narrator and the featured instrumentalist are the same performer. The Red Guitar requires great virtuosity, but it is much deeper than a simple showcase for Forman’s abilities. It is serious one-man theater, exploring the obsessive demands that music places on its truest followers.

Forman is also a distinguished music educator and in-kind philanthropist. His national music-mentoring program, JazzMasters Workshop, provided over 2,500 sessions for young students. Always free of charge, JazzMasters’ sessions occurred during after-school hours, and the program enriched lives and helped develop numerous musicians who have gone on to promising careers.

Bruce’s life and musical journey provide an American saga that is still in full swing. His Texas origins, his early career in San Francisco and New York, and his years on the road, all contribute to the unique and highly personal vision that he demonstrates today. Deep immersion in American culture inspires him to contribute to the traditions that he drew from. Cow Bop’s “road challenges” down historic byways like Route 66; original works like The Red Guitar; JazzMasters Workshop—these are only the latest answers to the endless questions that underlie Bruce Forman’s creativity. His music and life reflect every step of his journey, and demonstrate the awareness of an artist who is very much at home in the world, and at the top of his form.

Plug Your Drums In to A New Amp [Kustom KDA50 & KDA100]

Check out this brand new product from Kustom. They just came out with a line of drum amps. They work well for bass guitars, and as a mini P.A. as well. They designed these from the ground up. They look good and sound great.

KDA50 – 50W Active drum monitor fitted with 1x 10″ Woofer and 1x 2.5″ Tweeter, 2x 6,3 mm thomann Jack Inputs, 1x 6,3 mm Jack Aux Input, seperate volume controls for all 3 Inputs, 3 band EQ Lo-Mid High controls, 3,5 mm mini jack Line input, 3,5 mm Headphone output socket, Dimensions whd: 394 x 413 x 394, Weight: 14,3 kg. (Click the picture to purchase.)


KDA100 – 100W Active drum monitor fitted with 1x 10″ Woofer and 1x 2.5″ Tweeter, 2x 6,3 mm thomann Jack Inputs, 1x 6,3 mm Jack Aux Input, separate volume controls for all 3 Inputs, 3 band EQ Lo-Mid High controls, 3,5 mm mini jack Line input, 3,5 mm Headphone output socket, “Crack” Control, Line Out Dimensions whd: 15.5″ D x 17″ W x 16″ H, Weight: 43Lb. (Click the picture to purchase.)

Check them both out here.

Gig Report

Here’s a little post of a couple of shows coming up:

Tonight –

Gravity Hill – Whisky A Go-Go –
Souliance – TRiP – FB Event Page

3/17 – GigMasterz Rock Skool Concert at Keyboard Galleria Music Center – 1 PM
The Masonry – Universal Bar & Grill –

Archer Black w/ Minnow – Three of Clubs – FB Event Page

Surviving the World Of Guitar Pedals

With all of the different pedals, and the different things to think about when acquiring and assembling your rig of pedals, there can be some confusion every step of the way.

“So what kind of cables should I use? Does the reverb go before or after the flanger, and is that before or after the compressor?”

Thankfully the good staff of Premier Guitar put together an extensive Survival Guide on all things regarding pedals.

Proceed. ->

Not All Guitar Strings Are Created Equally

Everyone has the preference in string, because we all have a preferred feel and tone in our fingers and heads.

Here is one of our favorites, EXP by D’Addario.

D’Addario’s breakthrough EXP Coated Technology produces strings with the natural tone & feel of uncoated strings, with at least 4 times more life. EXP’s allow a guitar’s voice to ring true.

With the creation of our new EXP Wire manufacturing facility we have invested in wire coating machinery which allows us to fully control and develop advancements in coating technology for wound strings that is second-to-none in the guitar string industry.

The EXP Wire machine draws wire from rod, anneals, cleans, coats, cures and spools wire in one continuous process. This ensures our tight tolerances and specifications are adhered to.

We test every spool of wire with a sophisticated digital micrometer which measures the concentricity of the coating thickness to 2/10,000 of an inch. We have successfully reduced the coating thickness by at least 50%, which allows the string to retain even more of its inherent brightness and natural uncoated tone, while maintaining EXP’s renowned durability and long-life characteristics. You won’t believe they are coated!

Source: D’Addario

A Real-World Acoustic Guitar Rig via Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Check out a thorough and easy to follow video of a very cool acoustic guitar rig.